About us

Who are we?

A team with 21 years of experience in the field of textiles

Graduates of the Faculty of Textiles in Iasi participated and participated in the creation of the patterns displayed on the CROi.ro. The patterns were tested by prototypes and/or series 0, so you can have here the guarantee of professional patterns made with computer-aided design software.

  • We offer seriousness
  • We offer assistance
  • We offer a platform where you can be with professionals in the field

Our services

Tailoring patterns at low price

The costs of some assisted projection systems with sewing pattern equipment and the costs for employees make the prices for professional patterns to be very high. We here choose to offer all this at a price, so that any confectioner or tailor can make his own creations in factory conditions

Printed at plotter, file conversions, framing

Yes, we have the necessary equipment to offer these services at a low price. We managed to bring to us some companies that chose to let the professionals do this by giving up expenses with equipment and teams of employees. Do you have a company that works Lohn and gets the models made on outside design programs? We're doing exactly what you need to do for production. And you get closer to other people in the field who one day can help you with production.
Simple. We are a community